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Animal Based Services 


Home Deliveries - Hay & Straw

Suited to those how have household pets such as Rabbits which require smaller amounts of hay or straw to be used as food or bedding


Sheep Breeding & Sales

Specialising in Valais Blacknose we are able to provide our customers with high quality ewes and rams which are able to be used for breeding or even to be kept as show sheep 


Shepherdess Services

Deliveries of Hay & Straw

Suited to our agricultural customers running stables or small holdings who need a larger amount of hay & straw compared to our domestic customers

Our Shepherdess service allows our agricultural customers to have our Shepherdess and her Border Collie come to their Farm or Small Holding and confidently herd your livestock into their designated pen, for most of our customers this service is utilised along side our flock management service however this is also a stand alone service we provide.


Chicken Breeding & Sales

We have tailored this service to suit the needs of our domestic clients who decide that they would like to take on and raise chickens, originally as a test for our own farm we discovered that our hens and cockerel provided us with some high quality chickens which provide us with the eggs supplied at our roadside stall, we can provide our customers anything from day old chicks to matured hens.


Livestock Transportation

Based in East Hertfordshire, we are able to transport your animals to any location in England & Scotland, we are able to give peace of mind to you as an owner that your animals travel in comfort in one of our trailers, during all transports our vehicles are equipped with all necessary medication and first aid kits in order to treat your animals on the road is absolutely needed.

Please Note that pricing for transports varies depending on distance required to travel and for livestock a movement license is required to be submitted to us 48hrs before long distance journeys and 24hrs for short journeys. For ultra short journeys a printed copy can be provided to the crew upon their arrival at your site.


Herd & Flock Managment

We provide herd & flock management to our agricultural customers who find that they don't quite have enough time in the day to complete the painstaking process of managing stock, we can assist with your animals including ensuring they are up to date on all medication as well as emergency treatments for diseases such as fly strike. This service includes a spreadsheet of all of the animals we deal with as well as treatment reports to ensure you have peace of mind that your records are up to date which is delivered to your email within 24hrs of us leaving your site

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